Social Selling Basics – Social Listening Using TweetDeck

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My last “Social Selling Basics” post was about Google Alerts. In case you missed it, click here. All set with Google Alerts, have 10 more minutes and ready to expand your listening skills? Let’s talk TweetDeck!

TweetDeck allows you to do real-time social listening. It’s the first tool I power up every day (before email)…and it is up all day, every day. Here’s why. In a single dashboard, I can track specific Twitter users, social commentary, clients, prospects, competitors, my kids’ social activity and more.

Ready to give it a go? Come on…invest another 10 minutes – you’ll have that investment of time returned to you by sundown, promise.

How to set up TweetDeck for social listening:

  1. Install Chrome (if you already have Chrome, skip to step 2).
  2. Type in TweetDeck in the search box.
  3. Sign in using your Twitter account (yes, you’ll need an account to set this up). You’ll immediately have access to your Twitter activity stream, notifications and messages.
  4. Customize your account, including:
  • Set up columns based on users, hashtags or terms you want to track.
  • Customize the appearance (theme, column width, font size).
  • Add multiple accounts (if you manage more than one).
  • Create “collections” (competitors, partners, industry analysts, etc.) that will stream the collection into a single column.
  • Create private or public lists to share with your team or monitor privately.

Once you set it up, I promise you that you’ll be hooked. I use TweetDeck for marketing, selling, competitive intelligence and more. Heck, I even track my kids’ Twitter activity from the same dashboard. In addition, if there’s breaking news and you want to learn more, TweetDeck will pull in everything you need to know as fast as you can type in the search box.

It’s as fast as “googling” and gives you real-time access to news, plus commentary from various sources. Once you get started, you’ll identify influencers you want to follow (which can also be done right from your TweetDeck dashboard.

What are you waiting for? If you get stuck, post a question or send me a message. Put social listening to work for you so you can get that competitive edge. It will make a difference.

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