Is your C-Suite Social?

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Social is here to stay. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. As employees evaluate how to incorporate social into their daily activities, they often look to their CEO (and the rest of the C-Suite) for cues. Is your C-Suite social or do you have work to do? Key considerations as you evaluate this include:

  • Does my CEO post to our company Facebook page?
  • Does my CEO tweet?
  • Does she/he support social?
  • Is it OK to use social properties at work (for work)?
  • Does our leadership team “get it” (social, that is…)?

According to a recent Weber Shandwick study, 76% of global executives wanted their CEO to “be social”. 

  1. Your CEO also needs to be one of your top Brand Ambassadors, standing arm in arm with your Chief Marketing Officer.
  2. Your Chief Revenue Officer (aka head of sales) needs to stand arm in arm with your Chief Marketing Officer when it comes to Social Selling.
  3. And your Recruiting Leader needs to stand arm in arm with your Chief Marketing Officer to fully engage in Social Recruiting.

Starting to see a pattern yet? The business needs to invest in social and your operational leaders need to collaborate to maximize the utilization of social to accelerate social engagement, social selling and social recruiting. And everyone across the business is looking at you, Ms./ Mr. CEO, and will be following your lead.

The Weber Shandwick study also found that employees at companies with social CEOs say that their leader’s participation makes them feel inspired (52%) and technologically advanced (46%).

I recently had a head of marketing tell me that “our CEO doesn’t have time to waste on social”. Oh really? He doesn’t have 8 minutes/day to employ social listening, glance at the corporate Facebook page, like a post (acknowledging he is seeing what’s going on…and “likes” it), offer commentary on an industry award or partner recognition, etc. Well, in my opinion, it’s just another facet of employee engagement and a requisite skill for leaders.

Not sure how to get started? Not sure where to prioritize your limited time? Talk to your marketing leader…or call me.

Just start. Today. It matters.